DIE! GOLDSTEIN, as the character in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four to whom workers dedicate their daily two minutes of hate and from where D!G takes its moniker, it aims to denounce those who own power and use it to plant fear amongst those hierarchically inferior in order to deprive them from their liberty. To those who are looking forward to make a new order, causing chaos.

Parting from this dystopia, it proposes to get to a better conflict solution starting with ourselves, heading us towards a more encouraging panorama. That is what indicates the title of its debut album, Dystopia/Utopia (Neucrea Records, 2017)

Dieg Mar was also member of the post rock band named Seashell Velasco: opening band for Mogwai in his Spanish tour of 2009; as well played with Oceansize and Vessels on 2010.

In 2011 he made the soundtrack of the Icelandic film "Winter in Hell", produced and filmed in Iceland by Enrique Pacheco.

In 2012 he joined the Berlin based experimental collective named Wide Scope Experimental playing in venues such as Tacheles, LoopHole and Sameheads in Berlin.

In 2014 he finished his first movie, named VONLAND, filmed in Iceland.

In 2015 he did a tour around Asia, playing in Tokyo and Kyoto (Japan); Hanoi (Vietnam); Chiang Mai and Bangkok (Thailand). Also he played in the Live Cinema Festival in Rome (Italy).

In 2016 he played live his proyect Dystopia/Utopia in places such as Noiseberg, DAT Festival and Spektrum in Berlin; Hackney Attic and New River Studios in London; Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow; and the Moving Silence Festival in Cyprus.

He has played more than 100 times live worldwide, in cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Glasgow, Rome, Tokyo, Kyoto and Bangkok, and has shared a stage with bands such as Mogwai, Oceansize, Sakamoto and AddictiveTV

DIE! GOLDSTEIN is the Berlin-based project of Diego Mar.

DYSTOPIA/UTOPIA (LP Album, Neucrea Records 2017)

"DIE! GOLDSTEINs debut album Dystopia<>Utopia invites the listener to join his beautiful progression from dark and desperate dystopian states through mal-topia and hope to finally arrive at an enlightened, utopian present. Mirrored in alternating states of the human mind, DIE! GOLDSTEIN offers a harsh but hopeful journey of human experience, incorporating pressing political and societal issues through global imagery. A terrifying and encouraging experimental visual post rock shoegaze drone noise experience, following a dystopian utopian cinematographic soundscape."

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