"Mirroring alternative states of the human condition, its origins and consequences, Die! Goldstein offers a harsh but hopeful journey of life experience. An inspiring and encouraging Live Cinema performance, accompanied by a cinematic soundscape."

DIE! GOLDSTEIN at Istanbul Experimental Film Festival


Die! Goldstein, defined as "the audiovisual experience that walks eternally in the noise of emotion", is the Berlin-based audio cinematic experimental project of Diego Mar: sound composer, photographer and video maker.

He was also a member of the post-rock band named Seashell Velasco: opening band for Mogwai in his Spanish tour of 2009; as well played with Oceansize and Vessels on 2010.

In 2009 -and already as Die! Goldstein- he played in the Festival MADATAC in the Spanish Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences in Madrid.

In 2011 he made the soundtrack of the Icelandic film "Winter in Hell", produced and filmed in Iceland by Enrique Pacheco. And he played in the Kunstmeile Longerich Festival in Cologne (Germany).

In 2012 he joined the Berlin-based experimental collective named Wide Scope Experimental playing at venues such as the legendary Tacheles, LoopHole and Sameheads in Berlin.

In 2014 he finished his first movie, named VONLAND, filmed in Iceland.

In 2015 he did a tour around Asia, playing in Tokyo and Kyoto (Japan); Hanoi (Vietnam); Chiang Mai and Bangkok (Thailand). Also he played in the Live Cinema Festival in Rome (Italy) sharing lineup with Addictive TV.

In 2016 he played live in places such as Noiseberg, DAT Festival and Spektrum in Berlin; Hackney Attic and New River Studios in London; Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow; and the Moving Silence Festival in Cyprus.

In 2017 he finished his debut album Dystopia/Utopia . It was released in the Berlin based label named Neucrea Records. And it was presented in different festivals and venues around Europe: Microfest Festival in Huesca, Niu : espai artistic contemporani in Barcelona, Borderline Noise Festival in Poland and at the International Film Festival of Valladolid named Seminci in Spain.

In 2018 he continued presenting his live cinema performance "Dystopia Utopia" around Europe, Istanbul and Balkan countries at some film festivals and venues: "Neon Kunst Gallery" and "I am not a fortune cookie Festival" in Berlin (Germany), "Istanbul International Experimental Film Festival" in Istanbul (Turkey), "Social Ceter Dunja" in Skopje (Macedonia), "Termokiss" in Prishtina (Kosovo), "Tulla" in Tirana (Albania), "Propaganda Bar" in Niksic (Montenegro), "OKC Abrasevic" in Mostar and "Pravo Ljudski Film Festival" in Sarajevo (BiH). He also participated in the film "Play, Build, Dream", about Woodland Tribe, composing the soundtrack

DYSTOPIA/UTOPIA (LP Album, Neucrea Records 2017)

"Die! Goldstein's debut album Dystopia/Utopia invites the listener to join his beautiful progression from dark and desperate dystopian states through hope to finally arrive at an enlightened, utopian present."

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"The most powerful performance of the festival. With an enormous burden of social protest that stirred people's consciences."

Rosa Perez. Radio 3, RNE -National Radio of Spain- about the D!G performance at the International Film Festival of Valladolid in a radio interview:

"Die! Goldstein's work is moving, challenging, and intensely thought-provoking: deliberately juxtaposing images of out-of-control consumerism with the often heart-breaking images of the ruthless exploitation that stands behind it. The viewer is confronted with the disturbing reality of the world today, a reality that is all too often suppressed and hidden from view in the western world. At a time when Utopia is increasingly becoming a technological possibility, why is humanity currently heading towards a dark and apparently 'inevitable' Dystopia? This a question that everybody should be asking themselves."

David Braithwaite. Neon Kunst gallery founder, Berlin

"Die! Goldstein is an artist that allows his audience to delve into his dystopia that aesthetically pleases and makes one consider their existence. Through his work, a story is told; one that brings us back to the reality of our contribution to society. A humanitarian working towards awakening members of society, one could say. Live cinema is a powerful art that Die! Goldstein has masterfully utilised in order to contribute to a better understanding of civilisations. Die! Goldsteins capabilities can be utilised alongside a variety of sounds and music, as well as concepts. His recent contribution to I AM NOT A FORTUNE COOKIE event saw him meet the many requests made. His openness and will to contribute to this event was highly appreciated and fulfilling. I can only hope that I am able to work alongside Die! Goldstein again."

Vicky Truong. -I am not a Fortune Cookie- festival organizer

"Die! Goldstein presented his Dystopia / Utopia project, entering fully into a large part of the current problems associated with the global development and the inequalities it generates. That is how terrifying images captured at very distant points of the planet went before our eyes, giving certain prominence to compromising situations that also arise in our own country. Conducting all this avalanche of critical information, we find a musician capable of achieving pleasant electronic atmospheres but at the same time incisive and hazy soundscapes. In this way, the concepts most permeated with industrial and noise music played a major role, starring pangs in environments that started from nature to enter the most devastated scenarios. This perfect combination of sounds, that suggested a constant stalking, along with the great capacity to remove consciences from the images that circulated before us, provoked moments where the stupefaction based on realism was a constant. "

Noe R. Rivas. Review about the performance at the International Film Festival of Valladolid in Mindies magazine